I make Art to illustrate the invisible, and provide Coaching for

Spiritual Creatives.

Hello & Welcome!

I'm Lisa Cline, Artist and Creative Coach.

My work is inspired by dreams, the subconscious, meditation, spirituality, mythology and archetypes.

Art is how I process, explore and investigate my inner and outer worlds. For me, making art is a spiritual practice that connects me to that which is greater than my self.

In my coaching, I help spiritual creatives connect with their deeper essence and true nature through images, dreams, symbols and movement, so that they can become an Embodied Creator - someone who embodies their unique creative essence through their expression and life.

I'm so glad you're here, and I hope to connect with you soon ☺︎

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I currently offer:

1-on-1 Coaching

I work with those who identify with the Lost Creative - someone who is disconnected from their creative energy and power. This can show up as feeling burned out, uninspired, and creatively blocked.

I call this state Creative Depression - you feel unable to access your authentic voice, struggle to find your value, and feel lost and unsure about your creative identity and path.

My work is about aligning people with their true nature - allowing them to discover the deepest part of who they are. In doing so, they are able to see and honor the value of their individual expression and creative energy.

I work with images, dreams, movement and inner work, so that you can be an Embodied Creator - someone who embodies the unique energy of your creativity through your life, being and expression.

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Art & Illustration

My art is inspired by my spiritual work and ongoing exploration of my inner and outer worlds.

My hope for each piece I make, is that it can bring you closer to your own inner self, and build a greater sense of connection with the universe around you.

I work primarily with gouache, acrylic gouache, and ink on paper, and I use procreate for my digital illustration work.

I am also available for private commissions for individuals and families, as well as logo design for small businesses.

If you're interested in working with me on a creative project, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page, or sign up for a free call.

"This work was so healing because I’ve been able to connect with my inner creative compass to express what only I can."

- Sachiko

"Lisa helped me to see that I was telling myself stories, many of which were holding me back and that it was alright to leave them behind.

- Sara Kate

"I tapped into my own inner strength, and experienced a clarity that cleared my mind from the clouds of self doubt."

- Mona

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