Connect with your inner nature using dreams and creative expression,

so that you can find guidance, clarity, and purpose.

Your inner nature is the deepest part of who you are.

I believe knowing your inner nature goes beyond self-acceptance or self-love, and is about reconnecting with who you were before your conditioning by society.

When we are aligned with our inner nature, we are more at peace with our selves. We have clarity on who we are and what we are meant to do.

I use images, symbols, dreams and creative expression to help you connect with your inner nature. My goal for you is that in feeling connected with the deepest part of who you are, you can find connection with all that is.

Signs you might be disconnected from your inner nature:

  • You feel confused about your path and purpose, and sometimes it’s hard to trust that things will work out.

  • It can feel like you have to force your way through life - as though who you are is never enough.

  • Symbols, signs and dreams have always been significant and important to you. You know that there's more there to explore, but you don't know how.

  • You feel disconnected from your authentic voice. You're not sure what makes you truly unique or what value you bring to the world.

  • You feel uninspired in your life and work. You want to feel more creative but don't know how to access that realm.

  • You have moments of feeling connected to a larger whole, but wish you could experience that state more naturally and regularly.

If you can relate, imagine how it'll feel when:

  • You feel aligned with your path and purpose, and trust that it's unfolding.
  • You have a deep knowing of who you are, and gratitude for your essence.
  • You know how to listen to and trust your own voice and power.
  • You're open and receptive to the ways your creative channel wants to unfold.
  • You feel held by a larger power that supports and nurtures who you are.

Are you wondering if my Coaching is for you?

Embarking upon a coaching journey can feel like a lot -

Here are some things to help you identify if you're ready to dive into this work.

We would be a good fit if ...

  • You identify as a spiritual, creative being.
  • You're committed to your growth.
  • You understand the value in working through your blockages in order to transform.
  • You're curious to explore how inner work and creative expression can connect you to a deeper understanding of your self. 

This Coaching is not for you if ...

  • You don't feel ready to do the actual work - that is, doing things that might be a little out of your comfort zone - in order to change and transform.
  • You're not ready to take responsibility for your life.
  • You are dealing with trauma - This Coaching can be a great supplement to therapy, but does not replace it.

What does working together look like?

Each session is 60 or 90 minutes long, held 1-on-1 over zoom,

or in person if you live in the Portland, Oregon area.

We can meet as often as works best for you.

What to expect from each Session:

1. Connection

We'll begin by talking and connecting. I'll listen to what you're currently experiencing and going through, what your challenges and struggles are, and what you'd like to bring to the table. We might work with inner and/or outer issues that are troubling you, or a dream you feel is important to explore.

2. Inner Work

Based on what you shared, I'll lead you through a guided inner work meditation. No worries if you don't consider yourself good at meditating - all you need is an openness to explore and go within. The intention is simply to guide your awareness inward, so that we can begin to navigate your inner world. I'll ask you questions and dialogue with you through this step so that you feel supported and held throughout.

Sometimes, depending on what you want to work through, this step isn't necessary, but it can help for doing deeper work.

3. Creative Expression

Working with what came up from your inner world, I'll lead you through some creative prompts designed to take you deeper within your self. Have materials you want to work with ready and available. These can be materials you feel intuitively called to work with, or that feel fluid and natural for you. If making visual art isn't your thing, that's ok! We can also explore what came up through movement, sound, feelings and words.

4. Listening & Reflection

I'll walk you through connecting with the messages that are coming through your expressive channels. We'll look at your personal inner archetypes and symbols, what they have to teach you right now, and I'll help you dialogue with different parts of your self. They usually have a lot of important and surprising things to say.

5. Integration

At the end of our session, we'll identify some personal rituals that feel right for you. This is so you can continue to practice and implement your takeaways from our session. We can also discuss practical steps that came up, to move you closer to your goals.

I also provide optional questions for you to answer between sessions, in order to deepen your reflection and understanding of what came up for you.

I am here for you!

Throughout the entire time we work together,

I'm available to you via email for any questions and support.

What my clients have to say about working together:

"This work was so healing because I’ve been able to connect with my inner creative compass to express what only I can."

- Sachiko

"Lisa helped me to see that I was telling myself stories, many of which were holding me back and that it was alright to leave them behind.

- Sara Kate

"I tapped into my own inner strength, and experienced a clarity that cleared my mind from the clouds of self doubt."

- Mona

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Do I have to be good at art?

Nope. All you need is a curiosity and interest to explore yourself through any form of expression, be it drawing, movement, sound, or words. You're allowed to express whatever needs to emerge, freely, in a safe, supportive environment.

What materials will I need?

The materials you use might be your body, your voice, your words, or sounds. Or, it might be a piece of paper and a pen. I work with the energy that you bring with each session - sometimes a strong visual element might be asked for from your inner world (you'll feel it), and sometimes we might just sit and talk. There's no right or wrong, we'll work with whatever feels right and comfortable in the moment.

What if I hate meditating?

That's ok! This isn't a typical "meditation." Maybe think of it more as using your imagination to look at different levels of your inner world from a different perspective. I'll make sure you feel supported, engaged and safe during the process!

Interested in working together?

I currently offer 90 minute sessions at a sliding scale of $120-160,

and 60 minute sessions at a sliding scale of $90-120.

If you're interested in exploring this work,

you can sign up for a free 30 minute call below.

The purpose of this call is to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

I'll ask questions to get to know you and what your current issues might be,

and to make sure that I can best serve you at this time.

If you prefer to send me a message, you can do so at the bottom of this page.

I look forward to meeting with you!

Let's connect!