"Star Snake"

August 2022

Acrylic Gouache on Paper

18" wide x 7.25" high

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20" wide x 9.25" high

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About This Painting

I occasionally get comments from people asking why I paint snakes, when they are traditionally seen as disturbing/evil creatures.

I strangely love these questions and find them fascinating, because it makes me think about the origin of our reactions, and how deeply rooted our feelings around certain images can be.

For me, snakes symbolize the energetic movement of healing and transformation, and the fact that we are all energy in different wave-forms.

When I thought of the best creature to represent the pure wave-essence of our nature, I thought, what better creature than a snake? It’s a wave with a face! A friendly face! (At least I try to make them look friendly)

So whenever I paint snakes, I’m doing my best to illustrate energy in motion. But the specific energy that is moving in this painting, I would like to leave up to you.

What medicine is this snake speaking to you? What energy is it bringing to you in its movement and dance?

If you receive anything from this image, I hope that you can trust that as the personal meaning of this image for you.

"The eyes are the window to the soul."

Have you ever considered this line in the context of the images you bring into your space?

I believe there is power in intentionally choosing images that speak to your soul - images that feel healing, soothing, joyful, sublime, or something else intimate and deep to you.

If this snake-friend speaks to you, I have some options for you to bring its medicine home.

For this painting, I decided to create a limited edition of 5 signed and numered giclée prints. Once they are sold I will not be making any more.

The reason I'm doing this, is because making giclée prints is pretty costly and time-consuming on my end. 5 feels like a non-overwhelming number that I can manage, while still delivering a special piece for you.

I also decided on 5, because I want the people who invest in these snakes and bring them home to really cherish owning these limited-edition pieces.

And, if you feel like owning the original, that is definitely also an option as well. I've included links for both below.

As always, if you have any questions, just let me know!

Thank you always for your support, in any form - It means the world and I send my gratitude and love.

If you feel a connection to this piece & what I shared, and

would like to support me in my work, you can do so below!

Buy a signed Giclée Print

20" wide x 9.25" high

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Thank you always for your appreciation and support!