What my Clients have to say...

"Lisa through her practice was able to show me how to access my creative energy from another place in myself that was authentic, free from preconceived ideas.

After my first session I felt artistically liberated, it was like a flood gate had opened.

I felt that I could be drawing from another source in myself for wanting and needing to create.

It was a subtle shift that allowed me to go within to find out what I needed to express.

It was a profound experience that brought all parts of my life into greater clarity.

Lisa is present, perceptive, truly there for you in your process, generous, intelligent.

Working with her was truly a remarkable experience, a joy, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to expand their self expression and to better hear their own voice."

-Julie V

"I reached out to Lisa after talking to a friend who highly recommended her. At the time I was feeling exhausted and stuck. As a result, found myself feeling pretty uninspired to work on what I love.

While working with Lisa I found myself in an easy, calm, pressure-free environment. I was able to determine the direction of every session. I often found myself in profound states of relaxation, deep in discovery and unaware of how much time had passed.

What shifted for me was the clarity that comes from being in a state of un-doing, and how important this is for my nervous system and feelings of creativity.

Lisa is a skilled and sensitive practitioner who will help you navigate the inner landscape of your life, allowing space for flow and creativity."

- Alice E

After my session with Lisa, I had clarity.

I felt at peace and reassured with the next steps that I needed to take.

I had the answers to get back on the right track based on what I learned and this allowed me to feel at ease.

I received the answers that I needed to not only keep showing up, but also to take a step back and trust in the future.

I felt more aligned and connected with my gut and my intuition.

Lisa was an amazing guide and coach throughout the entire experience.


I loved using imagery to tap into my intuition. It was amazing to see what wanted to speak and the messages for me in what I drew.

This experience gave me a fresh way of seeing and feeling into what’s meant for me in my life now. I felt an embodied sense of how things can be different.

I’d recommend everyone try a session with Lisa to connect in a deeply powerful way to move through a block or fear and find a new way through.


To anyone on the fence about signing up, I would say: you must work with Lisa if you want to radically revive your inner strength to help you move forward in life.

It’s a transformational session so don’t sign up if you’re not planning to become awesome as soon as possible.

If you’re ready to shine, go for it right away, there’s no time to lose!

Lisa holds space so comfortably, and you will witness a gentle yet profound breakthrough in your life.


Lisa gently lead me to a place where I was profoundly shocked by the power of what I drew from my subconscious.

I felt in touch with my original, true voice, as well as the voice of my ancestors.

I was deeply moved by my experience.

This work has been so healing because I’ve been able to connect with my inner creative compass to express what only I can through colors and shapes.


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